Setup Python Development Environment Using Virtualenv


Creating a python project directly inside a folder could result in a catastrophic events. You might end up having libraries issues, environment issues or even python version and permission issues. To avoid all this we use virtual environment. For this we have a python library known as virtualenv which does the magic.

You don’t need to type too many commands for this. Just follow the instructions below and you will become a virtualenv magician.

Install virtualenv

First you need to install virtualenv. Execture the command given below and you will have virtualenv installed on your system

python -m pip install --user virtualenv

Create Virtual Environment

Now you have installed the virtual environment its time to create your project folder.

Execute the command below to create your virtualenv project folder.

python -m virtualenv paymentApiBackend

When you execute this command you will have a folder named paymetnApiBackend now go inside the folder and you see some folders and files.





You will have work on root of this folder. Create a folder name src. Now you will have this folder structure:






Place all your source code files and folders inside the src directory.

Start Virtual Environment

To start this virtual environment type the following line in terminal window of vscode or start a separate terminal for this:





This will start your virtual environment and now you can easily install any library specifically for this project.

All your installed libraries will be stored in folder Lib/site-packages.