Create A Golang Project: The Easy And Manageable Way

In golang its super easy to create a project to work on. Few versions before you need to use dep to maintain the packages which was itself and issue. Now simple use go modules to create your project.

In this article I will guide you on how to create and manage a project when working in GoLang.

Create A Folder For Your Project

This folder will be hold all your code and configuration and actually this is the folder where we are going to.

Create a project directory

Open terminal in that directory


go mod init package-name

go mod init form-processing

Create a subfolder names as services

Inside that folder create a file mail.go

Paste the content below in this file:

package sendmail

import (

func SendMail() {
	fmt.Println("This is from sendmail package")

Make sure you specify a package name of top and your function name starts with a capital letter. This is because a variable or function name that starts with a capital letter are exported in go.